Your higher Self wants you to be happy

Your higher Self wants you to be happy and to feel connected all the time, though it may not always seem like it. You have been conditioned to believe that suffering and hardship are normal and necessary on the Earth plane, but this is not Truth. You have also been conditioned to turn inconsequential events into fierce dramas to fill your days, weeks, months, and years. Believing that hardship and drama are necessary makes it so, and know that there are good reasons for your conditioning.

Your higher Self enjoys every experience that you have, but it also understands your earthly preferences and behavioral patterns that require more attention at the lower-frequency levels. Additionally, it is intimately aware of the lessons you incarnated to learn here and gently pushes you toward those goals. It holds all your secrets and strengths steadfastly, waiting for your claim, but it is in no hurry. It is always aware of your eternal and multidimensional nature, though you may not be aware of it.


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