We make minor decisions every day of our lives

We make minor decisions every day of our lives. The decision I had to make yesterday was selecting what shade of throw pillows to go with our new sofa. My husband and I were standing in the Martha Stewart section at Kmart looking over the various pillows. Our sofa’s fabric is a sage paisley pattern with brown and burgundy accents. We made a mutual decision and went home with some plush brown pillows. After returning home we soon realized that the brown didn’t coordinate nicely with the couch. An hour later Joe drove back to the store and exchanged the brown with some burgundy pillows. They look quite lovely with our sofa. This is an example of a decision that can be easily reversed.

However, life doesn’t always seem to allow a retreat option in our decision making. When the decision we are facing is a life changing one is it any wonder we stop dead in our tracks when we come at a these crossroads along our life path?

Below is a quick list of some significant decisions that people are met with. What is decided ultimately impacts their lives for many years that follow.

Career Options

Choosing A Vocation


Marriage / Divorce

Pregnancy / Parenthood


Retirement Planning

Health Care Alternatives


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