How Good Are You At Your Word?

My first memory of being the recipient of a broken promise was as a child. My older sister wanted to play school house and I wanted to play mommies with our dolls. We made a sister pact. She promised she would play “mommies” with me if I would play “school house” with her first. She set up our folded blackboard and role played as the teacher. I played along as her student while she tested me with basic arithmetic problems and a spelling test. Afterwards she refused to play mommies with me. WHAT??? I felt betrayed. I yelled at my sister that she was a LIAR. She merely shrugged her shoulders and said she had changed her mind. In my opinion she was both a LIAR and a BARGAIN BREAKER and I wasn’t about to let her get away with it. The ruckus I was making got my mother involved in stopping our argument. This was good I thought as I was certain that mom would make my sister honor her word. But, I was wrong. Mom simply told us to stop fighting with each other and to try to get along better. Well… that just wasn’t fair! I eventually stopped holding a grudge against my sister, but I did learn not to be so trusting.


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