Don’t Paint Yourself into a Corner – Just Say No!

I had a frank discussion with a friend of mine who broke a couple of her promises to me a few years ago. She told me that it is difficult for her to say no to requests. Not being able to say no was how she would paint herself into corners. Since she couldn’t say no she’d either be stuck doing things she’d rather not do, or she would have to devise creative excuses to get herself out of unhappy commitments.

Personally I would rather be told no in the first place. I would respect that honest response. It is worse to have someone back out on you at the last minute with some lame excuse.

If you identify with the individuals who “Can’t Say NO” then please try to understand that you are not doing anyone any favor by forever bending backward to please others. All those “Yes Promises” are eventually going to cause you to back out of a commitment. And when this happens you will lose the trust of the very person you were trying to please.


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