Make The Most Of Thanksgiving–Bask In Gratitude!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to really savor what you have in life through gratitude. By honing and expanding your ability to notice and appreciate the people in your life, the experiences you enjoy, and the things you do have, you’ll not only stress less over what you may not have this year (the recession is hitting virtually everyone), but you should be able to enjoy your life more from day to day.

I’m including resources below to explain more about gratitude, its impact on your life, and how to cultivate a sense of general gratitude, but let’s try something right now that can get you into an attitude of gratitude fast: see what other people are grateful for.

What I Am Grateful For
I am grateful for being able to share my journey with my furry companion, she gives me and teaches me so much. I also have gratitude for the people I have met and do meet along my journey, the breath I take /the steps I can still take/ the love and kindness I can show to my fellow travellers along this journey, to be able to apreciate what is here right now, the presesent moment, to be able to see the beauty and magic that surrounds me.

The Gift of TimeIt is clear that my grandfather will soon pass. I am thankful that I have been given the gift of having in my life for so long. I also am thankful to have a loving, supportive family behind me in everything I do. I’m very lucky, every day

Grateful I am so grateful for my family and my true friends that didn’t walk away when I was diagnosed with MS. And grateful for my new grandbaby coming in May!!! I love life!!!!!!!

To Be Alive
I’m so grateful that God allows my husband and I to survive the fall on a frozen lake and therefore be able to be with our children this Christmas.

I’m grateful for my amazing husband and awesome children, fun pets and terrific friends. I love my house, my iPad, my car and my stuffed bear (it smells like strawberries!), but mostly I’m just happy to be alive.

By Elizabeth Scott, M.S.Stress Management Guide


2 responses to “Make The Most Of Thanksgiving–Bask In Gratitude!

  1. Nice Post.. Happy Holidays

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