Thursday’s Child has far to go

Have you ever wondered exactly what this meant? Some would reckon that this is just another day of the week. The day before the week end. But those of us who look deeper into sayings, happenings, and symbols know that there is more to this one sentence. I always assumed it meant nothing would be easy though reading between the lines it suggests that they’ll get there eventually. Given the nature of journeys they’ll have gained experience on the way. Have you gained experience along the way? Have you allowed your past to determine your future?

As for me, the past is just that (yea right) every now and then it creeps up; I go back into those old patterns that are destructive. Every day I must make a conscious effort to keep my self esteem up, to reenergize my self confidence. It isn’t easy. The challenges of the day will take you there. When I feel to regress, that still small voice, comes to me and says softly…”it’s going to be alright. Let go and let me. I am all that you need. This money too shall past. Look beyond the dross and see the diamond waiting there.” It’s a reach so far within that only God can bring me through it.

So I ask again, what does this day mean for you? Did you reach for the experience you gain along the way? Did you allow your past to determine how you live today? Thor was the Norse God of Thunder. The Scandinavians believed his chariot rumbled as it crossed the sky and that he wielded a hammer that shot lightening when he threw it. Symbolically take the lightning bolt and defeat the challenges that come your way. Affirm that you are in control and of your destiny. Thursday’s child may have a long way to go but eventually you will get there.


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