spiritual, but not religious

I’ve been saying this for years! I am spiritual, but not religious. However, saying this was not a ploy to attract a mate. Constantine Sedikides, a social psychologist at Southampton University in Britain has concluded that having spiritual beliefs is a trait that makes a person more appealing. So much so that some Americans and Canadians will tell others they have spiritual beliefs because they feel doing so will appeal to prospective mates. As if attesting to being spiritual will make them appear to be a good catch.

This makes me curious. Do you find spiritual people to be more attractive? Or, do you feel you are more attractive because of your own spirituality? I never really thought about it.

Although my husband thought it was cute that I read Tarot cards when we began dating he wasn’t exactly thrilled about my interest in spirituality, pagan beliefs, and new age concepts. In fact, I think he thought I was attractive DESPITE my spiritual leanings. He declared himself to be agnostic when we were first introduced, but now refers to himself as an atheist. I still say I’m spiritual because, well, I am. I also believe we are all spiritual beings — regardless if you think of yourself as being religious, non-religious, or whatever.

By Phylameana lila Desy,


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