What Does it Mean to Be a Woman of Substance?

To discover what it means to be a woman of substance, we must define the term. lists a variety of meanings for substance. One is: “substantial or solid character or quality.” Other definitions included “consistency, body” and “something that has separate or independent existence.”

Based on these definitions, a woman of substance would be a woman who has strong character, is consistent, has more to her than meets the eye and has a variety of interests outside and within her home and family. She is interesting to get to know; she possesses a depth of personality and character.

My mother was a woman of substance. She was strong in character, moral and principal. She had the most beautiful personality of which I am blessed to possess just a modicum of that beauty. I admired her and wished that i could be like her. She was humble and spiritual and lovely. Through my mother I have become a woman of substance. A woman of strong character, conviction, beauty of spirit, moral and principally strong, steadfast and humble.

Are you a woman of substance?

What makes you who you are?

Share your story, your view of what makes you that woman. Do you know any woman or women in your life who you value and see as such a woman?

I am waiting and wanting to know.


4 responses to “What Does it Mean to Be a Woman of Substance?

  1. once i knew a woman who i betrayed but she still stands by me to this very day. i lied i told half truths i blanked her one day the truth i will be told am a man am human she did right i did wrong she dont know why she cares but a woman cant help how she feels but through all her pain she said nothing a woman of substance or a fool!

    • She is a woman of substance. Although she knew you did these things, she forgive you. She forgave you so that she may live. Her forgiveness haunts you because you can’t forgive yourself for the things you did. Forgive yourself and move on.

  2. my nani is truly a woman of substance… she is just like a lady mentioned above… she is the most logical and spiritual lady i have ever seen. i love her too much to explain…!!

  3. Thanks for golden tips about becoming people of admiration.

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